Education holidays

For who?

The legislation provided for a right to paid education leave for private sector employees and contractors of autonomous public enterprises.


Is your company located in Flanders?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to work with the new Flemish system of educational leave. Since the reform of the VOV (Vlaams opleidingsverlof), as for the other schools of the French Community, it is impossible for us to be recognised by the Flemish government (despite what it says…). This situation is scandalous and the French Community is trying to solve the problem.

You work part-time...

In this case, you can make use of your education leave during the hours you usually work, in proportion to your working time.

How many days off?

The number of hours you are entitled to is equivalent in principle to the number of hours actually followed. A 50-minute course entitles you to an hour of educational leave (60 min.). However, the number of hours is limited to 80 h or 10 days of 8h

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What is paid education leave?

To define it simply, the educational leave allows to follow trainings “at the expense of the Belgian State” (i.e. that your employer will have to ask to be reimbursed for your leave-education paid to Brussels economy and employment). Your employer will not pay your registration fee for you, but you will get leave to take your courses. (However, beware… There is a ceiling at the reimbursement level)

What is the purpose of the leave?

The goal is to increase the level of development of the workforce and allow everyone to improve their knowledge. Economic life can only be better with a well trained staff.


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When can you take your education leave?

You can not decide to take them when it suits you. If you are thinking of saving your educational leave to take a sabbatical year, you are mistaken!

Your educational leave depends on the training chosen:

  • Either you are trained according to the school calendar. In this case, your education leave must fall between the beginning of the school year and the exam period. If you fail in the first session (don’t worry, this even happens to the best), you can extend your education leave until the end of the second session, but you will need a school certificate for your employer.
  • If the training you choose does not follow the school calendar, you can take your education leave between the beginning and the end of the training.
  • For the preparation and passage of examinations before the Central jury, the paid education leave must be taken between the 15th day following the delivery of the certificate of regular registration to the examination session and the end of it.