How to register in IAPS courses ?


Come to the secretariat on the dates and times for registration. The passage is made in the order of arrival in our school.

01a. At this COVID period, you can register remotely:

  1. Send us an email( the following information:the course you want to take (and, for languages, the level if you know it), a copy of your two-sided identity card (or, for non-Europeans, your passport), your postal address and your phone number. If you are entitled to a discount, let us know your status,
  2. We will register, after an online test if necessary (for language levels), and send you the documents to sign, scan and send us by email,
  3. We will send you our bank details for payment,
  4. You will receive your receipt and student ID by email.


Tell us what course or course of action you are interested in . Ask all the necessary questions to the reception team at the Secretariat and/or the Director. If necessary, you will pass a level test with a teacher.


Present your ID card or passport and we will make your registration form. Sign your registration documents and pay the fee.


Congratulations! You are student of the Institute. You will receive your student card on which the course days and hours are indicated, as well as the academic holidays.

What is the price?

For EU nationals:

For foreign students outside the European Union:

Price identical to Europeans (EU) in one of the following cases:
  • You are allowed to stay more than three months in Belgium (residence card of more than three months or CIRE and certificate of the municipal administration)
  • You have a diplomatic ID card issued by the Belgian authorities or by NATO/SHAPE
  • You are married or living legally with a Belgian resident who has income in Belgium
  • You are a student in Belgium, with a limited stay (residence permit and proof of registration at University/High School)
  • You are under the age of 18 and attend a Belgian school
  • You work (including “au pair”) in Belgium and have a certificate of employment and a temporary residence permit
  • You are a recognised refugee or refugee candidate in Belgium
  • You have applied for regularization (certificate article 9bis or 9ter and lawyer’s letter)
Additional rights

If you cannot respond to one of the cases of exemption from specific registration fees for foreigners, you will have to pay:

an additional €90 for a 120-period course

An additional €180 for two 120-period courses

… (with a maximum of €238 per academic year)

In order to register, however, you must:

discounted prices, for whom?

  • Jobseekers in internships (registered with their Union or CAPAC).
  • The full unemployed compensated
  • Beneficiaries of the integration income of the CPAS
  • Minors of age (-18 years old)
  • Disabled persons recognized by the PHARE or AWIPH
  • Civil servants or contractors of the public service (if the training is followed as part of their actitivity)
  • Recognized refugees (Fedasil or Red Cross or SolSoc attestation,…)